About Me

I am a writer: I write poems, speculative fiction, children's fiction, and policy, business and government documents (the last one is what pays the bills :-)

I am a reader: I read lots, both to my kids and to myself. I like to talk about books, often ad infinitum.

I am a mother: I have three beautiful girls, aged 12, 10, and 6. I love them all intensely, and worry constantly if I'm doing the right thing by them.

I am a Coeliac: which means I can't eat gluten, yes, no gluten, no, not even a little bit. As part of that, I am one of the members of the now-venerable twitter chat party, #ausallergy, on Tuesday nights.

I am a blogging old fart: if you've been around teh interwebz for a while, you might remember me as Zucchinis in Bikinis (2004-2010, now moved on to A Better Place). I was here when Blogger was an little independent start up and you had to use a buggy external plug-in for comments. And images? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!

I am the literary columnist (aka Resident Book Nerd) over at Australian magazine site, The Shake, where I post fortnightly with book reviews, author interviews and other book-related stuff. I am also doing a semi regular column on books for Global Comment, and occasionally can be found doing book reviews at Dark Matter Zine, an Australian-based sci fi / fantasy / pop culture fanzine.

There are other things I am as well, of course, but that'll do for now.

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