Disclosure and Review Policy

I will, from time to time, accept books, DVDs, event tickets and other relevant products for potential review on this blog. I will prioritise products that fit with the themes of the blog - which are, loosely, family life, literacy and education, writing and the writer's life, parenthood, and gluten-free living. Publishers and promoters should note that unsolicited material sent to me without contacting me first has a low chance of being reviewed.

At this time, I do not:
- write sponsored posts;
- partner with specific brands; or
- accept advertising.

Charitable concerns
I have a completely non financial relationship of advocacy and support with the Australian charitable organisation, Good Return. When this charity runs donation drives or special events, I will usually blog about them. I not only receive no incentive (payment or otherwise) to do this, I usually end up donating myself!

From time to time I may also post in support of another charitable / not for profit organisation. I will never accept any compensation for any such posts and will only blog in support of organisations in whose values and objectives I personally believe.

If I get something for free and review it, I'll tell my readers. If there's no notice on the post, then I didn't get it for free. Either way, all opinions are entirely my own and I do not accept cash payments for reviews.

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