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Tempted as I am to just invoke Google, I will expand somewhat on "Don't Be Evil." (But that is the guiding principle at work here). I moderate all comments and boy howdy do I have to reject some doozies. Here is why.

The rules are:

1. No Anonymous comments. A pseudonym is fine, but I will delete anything from that well known raconteur, Mr or Ms Anonymous.

2. No defamation. And I will be the judge of what might be a problem here. I am legally responsible for publishing content on this blog, *including the comments*, so I will err on the side of not allowing anything that skirts the border.

3. No attacking other commenters. You call someone an insulting name, cast aspersions on their motives, etc - your comment is GONE.

4. I prefer not too much swearing - it is a fambly blog - but I'll allow it if it's contextually appropriate. If it's being used as part of a description of a person, though, forget it.

5. No Spam. No urls in comments either, please.

6. No racist, misogynist, misandrist or disablist stuff. Yes, that includes the mean words. Yes, you know which ones.

You would think, on a blog that's mostly book reviews, recipes and kid-wrangling, that these wouldn't come up, right? Wrong. They do, every time I stick my head above the battlements and write something about feminism, politics or issues. (And sometimes even when I write about books!)

So - with these rules in mind, please, do comment. Be as critical of *me* as you like - I protect my readers, not myself, so you can have at me at will.

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