Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Tired week

At the moment, I am really, really tired. A night-waking toddler, crowded schedule, recovering from a cold & chest infection, busyness with both paid and volunteer work, and lots of family events have me burning the candle at both ends. So this week I have decided to make life as easy on myself as possible in the kitchen, and the menu plan reflects that.

Monday - Takeaway Chinese food: vegetarian Singapore noodles, mixed veggies in oyster sauce & vegetable fried rice (V)
It's the Queen's Birthday public holiday, so to celebrate, I'm ordering in tonight.

Tuesday - Roast chicken with roasted veggies and steamed greens
Roasts are warming, delicious, and easy to prepare. I just spend 10 minutes foraging in my garden and then stuff the fruits of my search into the chicken's cavity - usually an onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage, a lemon end up in there. It always tastes great and everyone loves it.

Wednesday - Pasta with tomato-basil sauce (V)
This will be one of the many weeks that I bless my own foresight in making huge batches of pasta sauces to freeze in the summer!

Thursday - Chicken rice noodle soup
I use the Trident Thai chicken soup packet mix for this meal - it's gluten free and surprisingly good. I'll bulk it up with leftover shredded chicken from the roast, sliced mushrooms, snow peas and possibly water chestnuts. Very quick & easy to prepare.

Friday - Poached eggs on toast with leftover roasted vegetables (V)

The last of Tuesday's leftovers plus soft poached eggs on toast. Homely fare, but tasty.

Saturday - Not sure, but not my bag!
This is my birthday, so I certainly won't be cooking! We'll either eat out, hubs will cook, or we'll order in - remains to be seen.

Sunday - Spanish frittata with salad (V)
Warm potato-rich frittata. Yummmmmm.

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