Monday, November 29, 2010

We Play - Water in the Kitchen

My 21-month-old loves to play with water. For preference, she does it outside, in singlet and nappy, with dirt, mud, leaves and sand thrown in for good measure ;-)

When the weather is too inclement to allow for outdoor water play (a frequent occurrence in the past few months, with Melbourne suffering a long, cold, rainy winter and cold spring), I have taken to setting up a simple water station for her in the kitchen, on the slate floor. It's just a thick towel, two bowls filled 1/3 with lukewarm water, and a varied series of pouring tools - cups, jugs, toy teapots, measuring spoons, anything really that my Tupperware cupboard disgorges.

She really enjoys it, and her aim is getting better all the time - my days of removing saturated towels after 3 minutes are passing! She spends ages carefully transferring the water from one receptacle to another, often narrating what she's doing for me as I cook the dinner. It's a great way to incorporate some fine motor play and casual togetherness at what can otherwise be a rushed time in our day.


  1. Visiting from Texas. Playing with water is the best. This teaches so many skills! :) joyce

  2. This is exactly what we do for indoor water play! Actually I'm really glad you posted this as it's a great activity and I'd forgotten about it. It's winter here and I'm in need of any good indoor play ideas, thanks :)

  3. Loads of fun!

    Kids only need a few cms of water to have heaps of fun and on a nice thick towel it really doesn't make that much mess does it! I must do this more often.

  4. Water play can fill hours with fun at my house. We sometimes use the beach toys in the kitchen sink.

  5. I never did this with Princess (although she does do it in the bath I suppose) and am now feeling that I should have as she has reached that age of independence where she feels she is ready to pour her own drinks.

    BTW, we have the same Barbie cup in the picture, :)

  6. We <3 water play. But I am with you, it is usually outdoors!