Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Play - Painting

The kids have been steadily working through the various craft kits they were given for Christmas - tile mosaics, a painted clock, trinket boxes and decorated diaries among them - but on Sunday morning, with an extremely hot day looming (it got to a little over 40 celsius here), they just wanted to do some free painting.

The eldest went abstract and fluorescent

while the 5 year old painted a scene for her big sister

and the 23 month old wanted to paint only in greens and blues. When asked what she was painting, she replied firmly, "Deep, deep inna sea. Cool kwi-ut fish, that me!" (She was referencing her favorite Dr Seuss book, My Many Coloured Days, which represents moods as colours / animals. The green-day "cool and quiet fish" is one of C's favorites).

This post is part of the weekly We Play meme at the wonderful Childhood 101. Check out the main page over there for lots of fantastic play ideas.

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  1. Oh... I love the toddler and how they repeat everything they say and read, adorable... the artwork is beautiful