Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I Know

It's Friday, and the last week of Shae hosting Things I Know over at Yay for Home! So I thought I'd better know some stuff today.

I know that after a scary and sudden bout of gastro, with a prolonged period of extreme lethargy afterwards, seeing your almost-3-year-old well enough to play for a while at playgroup is a huge blessing and a massive relief.

I know that the end of the year is hitting us hard, exacerbated by C's illness but already full of overtired, overloaded behaviours from Miss 8 and Miss 6.

I know that paying special attention to making sure they all get as much outdoor time as possible, as much of me as possible, and as many opportunities to relax at home as possible is critical to getting through this next 10 days.

I know that a big part of getting through this time without major crisis is me needing to get my head in the game. And that means managing my moods better, and less online time in the day - in fact, I think, NO online time when the kids are awake for the next little while.

(I also know that in the 10 minutes I've spent thus far writing this post, C has grizzled at me nonstop and demanded my attention, and that I've said to her five times, "Just give me a minute to do this, honey." Case closed, I think).

I know that spending some money on getting our garden fixed up, and spending some family time on finishing the job with planting and weeding and cultivating, has been so worthwhile and so satisfying for us all.

And finally, I know that the summer holidays cannot come fast enough for me at this point.

For more things that people know, check out Yay for Home - for the last week!


  1. Glad to see the Lil one got better! Hope you do have a fun, relaxing time with your family these next few weeks leading up to Xmas and new year's. It is gonna past by us so fast!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. It is a hard time of year here as well everyone all run down and just running on the excitement of the big red man

  3. Good luck with your garden. I hope you get a lovely rest over Christmas and good health next year.

  4. Oh if only we had "that minute". Good luck with that!

  5. This time of year is so exhausting for everyone. I hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy the next week or so and that Miss 3 keeps going from strength to strength.

  6. It's awful when a little one is sick. Poor little thing. It sounds terrible.

  7. I am so looking forward to the holidays where I don't have to be ANYWHERE if I don't want to.