Friday, May 11, 2012

Things I Know

I used to play along with this meme every week, but then I dropped the ball. Bygones, people. ANYWAY, here is what I know this week:

- I know that family walks with the dog are fun, and do us all good, and that we should do it much more often than we seems to get around to.

- I know that when your 3 year old has a grizzly evening, a dreadfully disrupted night and then refuses to eat her breakfast, it's not the smartest idea in the world to offer to drive your partner to work across the Westgate Bridge which is in gridlock due to an accident. Unless you feel like ending up with a car (and child) full of vomit with at least 20 minutes left before you can clean anything up. (That was our morning today...)

- I know that when 3 year olds can't go to gymnastics (due to aforementioned vomit storms), they are disappointed. But I also know that an offer of watching The Lion King with Mummy, AND having fingernails painted in rainbow colours, makes up for it very quickly.

- I know that interpersonal skills are a vital part of working in any kind of medical or related healthcare field, and that no matter how technically competent you are, if you are shit at talking to patients, that decreases your effectiveness hugely.

- I know that waiting is not my favourite ... and now I have another wait, this time to get results, until next Friday.

- I know that I'm quite excited, energised and a little overwhelmed as I look at my May-July schedule, stuffed as it is with Mother's Day, the Emerging Writers' Festival, E's birthday, our family trip to the snow, and potentially a LOT of contract work (especially if I end up getting a rather large and interesting project I'm quoting on).

- And finally, I know that I am going to do Nanowrimo again in November; the ideas have started sprouting spontaneously, and the taste for it is coming back already.

Lots of people know things this week, and they're over at Dorothy's place.

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  1. Don't you just hate vomiting three year olds? That would have been one unpleasant car trip. You'd think that doctors wouldn't be allowed to be doctors if they can't empathise with their patients.

    I hope your little one gets better soon. I'm glad you've rejoined Things I Know...