Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A story, by a three year old

"Mummy, I will tell you something. It is a story."

"OK, honey..."

"Mummy, did you know, when I was a baby, I did die and be dead, but a fairy comed from heaven, and gave me presents and made me 'live again."

"Is that so, darling?"

A pause.

"No, I just did make it up," she says with perfect, matter of fact equanimity.

"Oh, I see..."

She laughs uproariously at my face.

"There are not really fairies in heaven, Mummy. They do really live in the garden, you know."

Because that is, clearly, the only implausibility in her story :-)


  1. Oh, even though she talks about being dead, I just find this so beautiful! I absolutely adore the mind of a young child!

    Oh to believe that fairies lived in my garden!

  2. childrens minds do baffle me some days!!