Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mum's day off

Today was my first total day off - no kids, no housework, no errands, no paid work - since April.

Actually, given that I was sick with heart troubles in April, it is my first truly discretionary day off since February (ie where I didn't have to content myself with doing nothing but lying still on a couch reading or watching X-Files repeats, nice as those things are).

Don't get me wrong - I love being with my kids, and I like working. I enjoy my time greatly doing these things. 95% of the time, I'd choose to be doing it.

But just every now and then, just once in a while, it's pretty cool to get a day off.

I didn't do anything earth-shattering, although it was all extremely hedonistic and not at all constructive of anything. I went and had a facial first up, then did a little Christmas shopping. At noon, I went into into town to meet a friend at Bopha Devi, a Cambodian restaurant at Docklands, for lunch to celebrate her 30th birthday. Lunch involved much chatter, delicious food, and champagne - not too shabby, all told!

It was exactly 6 hours of really self indulgent "me" time and I probably shouldn't admit it, but I revelled in every second of it.

Tonight I'm back in mother-mode and tomorrow, as well as caring for Miss 3, will be full on with preparations for, and helping to run, our school's night market - but today was a little gift that I was so happy to have the chance to unwrap.

This is post 8 in NaBloPoMo. 8 down, 22 to go!

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