Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy birthday Miss Butterfly

For C on her birthday (A haiku set, of sorts)

four years ago now
in heat and sweat I birthed you
screaming life out loud.

a white gold baby, you
looked like a sister. but which?
your bones shape-shifting.

in you, I always see
the bright light of summer days
the heart of a star.

strong, you stand, and brave
a voice and will of your own
the sun ascendant.

beautiful, of course,
the warmth of February
flashes its fish tail.

if only I knew
the words with power enough
to speak my love true.

if only I could
write it on the sea, the sky
to read forever.

four years ago now
I said I love you so
and kissed your fingers.

more, and more, and more
wide as world and deep as time
with each passing year

do I love you, dear
butterfly in gloried flight
my wonderful girl.

- Kathy, 23/02/13

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