Monday, May 20, 2013

Seasonal affect (A haiku for early winter)

cold as tyrants' hearts
the early winter night wraps
heaviness around.

far above, ice gleams
the indifference of stars
distant furnaces.

mouse-like, I scuttle
back to the house, seeking heat
a place to curl up.

breathe oxygen, snap-chilled
lungs wheeze their protest.

inside, a warm bed
beckons a hibernation
a long winter's sleep.

inside my own heart
the cold is seeping, soaking
days in soft sadness.

a time to think on
the pains of the world, and yes
the scars I wear too.

the brooding sky waits
cloud-heavy and steel-capped,to
receive my tears.

nights are long and black
days melancholy, frowning
with rain and illness.

I was born in cold
and have spent each winter since
defeated by it.

my blood rebels, and
cloaks my mind in snowy gauze
all is tragedy.

early winter, now
so long, so long still to go
before sun returns.

under my blanket
of sadness, I wait, like stone
for the coming thaw.

- Kathy, 20/05/2013

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