Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spring (Poem)

heavy with jasmine, the garden
salutes the pastel sky with open-eyed blooms. children
cooped too long against the dreariness of winter
screech life to the brave young sun. everywhere
steps lighten, while histamines, released by pollen
draw forth sneezes to explode the air.

shoulders warm under the soft fingers of the season,
loosening their iron hunch as blood responds to the call of growing things
and beauty in every pavement crack, green and golden promissory notes
of rampant burgeoning to come.
birds call out the story, and sing transcendant
delicate wings against the cotton clouds.

somewhere, I am sure,
lambs arise from their slippery births,
and kick their heels in the lemon light.

everything says: it's coming, it comes
(perhaps it's already here)
lift up your hearts, and voices;
the worm has turned. the world has turned.
we are on a sun-bound course now

and I, who suffer winter as an indignity,
am all rejoicing, as the days stretch out like cotton candy
and it is warm again.

- Kathy, 27/08/13

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