Thursday, October 24, 2013

Professionally appropriate names

This is total fluff so look away if you're after the D&M stuf!

I read an article today that was fairly so-so but was rather tickled by one aspect of it, which was the names of the authors of a social work text that was quoted: by Geoffrey L. Grief and Kathleen Holtz Deal. Grief and Deal, the social workers. Heh.

This amused me so I told the Twitters, as one does, and managed to collect up the following names-to-jobs correlations in remarkably short time:

The Social Workers: Grief and Deal
The Doctors: Dr Death in Victoria, at the RCH, and the wonderfully named Dr B Hawney, a GP
The Dentist: Dr Phang
The Orthopaedists: Dr Cartilage and Dr Killingback (For realz!)
The Accountant: Mr Money
The Fire Chief: Mr Burns
The Writer: Mrs Collum
The Poet: William Wordsworth
The Former White House spokesperson: Larry Speakes
The Banker: Mr Million
The Lawyer: Mr Suit
The Gardener: Mr Gardener (OK, that one's probably less weird)
The Surfer: Layne Beachley
The Neurologist: Dr Brain
The Philippine church leader: Cardinal Sin
The BBC Radio gardening expert: Bob Flowerdew
The Vets: The Payne brothers
The Champion Swimmer: Miss Schwimmer

Apparently there is even a name for this - aptronyms, which just means "names that are apt for the profession or characteristics of the individual".

Got any more for me? Because this is fun :-)

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