Friday, January 23, 2015

Month of Poetry Catch Up Post: Days 18-22

We have been away on a family holiday in Phillip Island since last Saturday morning, and I have been writing my poems on my phone, so I opted to post them just to the Month of Poetry closed Facebook group each day. Playing catch-up, here are the poems for days 19, 21 and 22 (both 18 and 20 are not for open publication due to the subject matter). I'll get day 23 done in a post by itself shortly (I hope!)

Tomorrow is MoP challenge day, which means posting the poem to the locked blog instead of here, so it's likely tomorrow's post will be holiday-centric instead.

#19: A Freezing Penguin Haiku

sunset beach waits, quiet,
for small sea birds to come home -
Antarctic winds howl
#21:  Kitty Miller Bay (Sevenling)

The cream-clean sand is dotted with molluscs
In the water, long trailing ropes of olive seaweed;
Arcing away on the curve, piles of black volcanic rock.

Children, sparsely dotted, call in high unmusical screeches
Their parents attentive, or not, as it pleases
A long-haired toddler busily fills his bucket.

The robin-egg sky tells nothing of what will come.

#22: A Leaving Haiku

parting company
with sea, sand and calling birds
soft melancholy

- Kathy, January 2015

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