Friday, October 23, 2015

NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo - Because I am indeed stupid, thanks for asking

So a week from tomorrow, I am embarking on a double writing challenge for the month of November - I am going to post to this blog every single day in this month, AND I am going to write 50,000 words of a novel. (A verse novel, as it happens).

This is going to take place in a month where I already have 9 days of booked work (although hoping not to get much or any more); the Cup Day long weekend, with the kids home on the Monday; a weekend away with my partner; and a rising tide of end-of-year commitments, which will be especially intense because of it being my eldest's last year of primary school.

It is just possible that I may have overcommitted myself ... but on the other hand, I've discovered this year in doing my (very fun, but novel-non-producing) Novel in a Year class that I am a binge writer if I'm anything, and that enforced focus for 30 days is probably the only way I'll ever finish another manuscript. My evidence for this is fairly compelling:

- I have started about 17 books over the past 20 years.
- I have finished 2.
- With BOTH of the ones I finished, which were YA / older children's detective novels, I wrote the vast bulk (52-55kk of a total 60k words) during NaNoWriMos of the past.

I'm going to do what I did in my two previous successful NaNo years - aim to lay down 1,000 words in the morning and 1,000 in the evening every day. (Afternoons I will generally avoid writing - it's my least creative time of the day). I will not read back - the advantage of writing every day is that it's easier to keep the thread than if you let it ride days or weeks between sessions. I will have a high-level outline, but I will probably resemble a pantser more than a plotter overall - detailed plotting doesn't work well for me in the maelstrom that is NaNo.

With the NaBloPoMo challenge, there will be content every day in November on this blog. Some of it may be heavily visual, if words begin to fail me - but a post there will be, each day in November.

I'm so lucky to be in such a better place, health-wise, than I was this time last year, and to be free to choose to do this. It'll tire me and challenge me, but that is what I need (not the tiring part, the challenge part). It's something I really want to do, and I hope I can pull it off.

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