Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Farewell to Falling (Poem)

This is an erasure poem that I put together from today's front page of The Guardian Australia - a newsverse, if you like. I took phrases randomly from across the page to make the poem, and added the odd linking phrase or expository word here and there.

this day:

super heat
a crime scene of unspeakable horror
a girl dies (again).

the death of neoliberalism
minimum wage is a
war on business
distress signal confirmed

the search goes on

a boy left in a forest
nude elderly women
giant alligator panics

the world spins, stranger, sharper:

allegories about xenophobia fill the darknet
demagogues under investigation
what is the measure of a man

ecstasy in the desperate hunt
it's an international scandal
we need more time

we have no more time:

vanished without trace
invisible women
dreamtime and dust
reduced to tagged animals

dance. dance.
then die.

- Kathy, 31/05/16

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