Sunday, December 11, 2016

On reflecting on good fortune

I took my secondborn daughter to see Coldplay at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium last night.

It was a spur of the moment decision - tickets were available for the second concert on the very morning, and knowing how much she loves Coldplay, I impulsively bought two tickets.

It was an amazing show. Lights, fireworks, glitter bombs, balloons, fantastic sound quality, and an
energetic Chris Martin in fine voice.

They played a two and a half hour set in which all the favourites were played, finishing, to my daughter's delight, with her absolute fave, Up and Up. I was particularly delighted with Clocks, Everglow and Yellow.

It was worth the money, but it was not cheap, even for a Christmas present, and it's made me reflect on how privileged I am to be able to just spontaneously decide to do something like this, and the reasons I am so lucky. Which has led me to want to say this.

I am not Internet friends with employees of most of my clients - with a few exceptions for client-that-is-a-former-workplace, where they are former colleagues and friends. So this won't be seen, on the whole, by the organisations it is about, but that's OK. I still want acknowledge how grateful I am for the work I have had this year, and the opportunities it has opened up for me and my family.

Running a small business isn't always easy but it can be so rewarding, especially when you are lucky enough to have varied, interesting work and good clients to work with.

Without the ongoing patronage of my four major clients, our family life would have looked very different in 2016. There would have been no holidays and mini-breaks, no concerts and events, no roof repairs, no bedroom recarpeting or furniture-buying. School and medical / dental costs would have been tough to meet, and extracurriculars possibly out of the question. There would have been no MTC play season for Gary and I, and far fewer meals out, movie trips, and special days out. We also wouldn't be in the position we're in regarding paying down our mortgage, which we've been able to accelerate this year.

So although most of them will never see this post - I am really thankful to all my clients, for trusting me with their projects and giving me the benefit of this work. I hope to continue working with all four organisations in 2017, and look forward to a great year ahead.

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