Sunday, May 7, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 7 May 2017

Another ho-hum week in many ways. Again, there were disruptions to plan - rescheduling the vet appointment, not making it to gymnastics due to a timing conflict, and the cancellation of my anticipated Thursday lunch with an old friend, were all bummers. I got some worrying news, my cold dragged on, and I felt quite down about life and the state of the world, all of which are probably at least partially related. My creativity is in the toilet at the moment and that also depresses me. I feel like I might be sliding into a period of saudade, and that's not great necessarily, although it is not unexpected either with the season. (Late autumn / early winter always drags me down at least a little).

P/T interviews went well, though, and my eldest was thrilled to be given the go-ahead to leave her retainers off during the day, so that's all to the good. The elder kids loved having their grandparents come to school for Grandparents Day and the littlie scored Student of the Week (and I WAS at assembly to see her get it - so happy I didn't wag this week!)

The week ahead is plain and average in most ways, although it does culminate in Mothers Day (aka "clean my house for a day then cook big meal for extended family" for me - soooo relaxing). I'm hoping to feel a little better physically and emotionally, but we'll see.

- 3.5 days billable work performed (Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri am): 1.5 days client sites - Weds with Client A, Fri with Client B
- Parent-teacher interviews for the two high-schoolers - Mon & Weds nights (yes, both!! I couldn't quite squeeze them all onto Monday)
- Second inter-school debate - eldest (Weds night)
- Jujitsu (eldest) - Fri, ice skating (middle) - Sun
- Chess tournament (middle) - Sat
- Personal training
- Eldest's orthodontist appointment to see if she can stop wearing her retainers in the daytime (she can!)
- Mental health day off on Thursday, which mostly involved watching crap TV and baking
- Grandparents Day at school for the elder two kids (Friday)
- Student of the Week award for youngest (yay!)
- Birthday party attendance (eldest), Sat pm

- 4 days billable work booked (Mon, Tues, Weds pm, Thurs pm, Fri): 1.5 days client sites
- Cat's vet appointment (Weds)
- Gymnastics (youngest) - Weds, jujitsu (eldest) - Fri, chess (middle) - Sat, ice skating (middle) - Sun
- Personal training (Thurs)
- Lunch with friend (Thurs)
- Mother's Day - Extended family here for lunch (Sun)
- Get back to passport applications and progress them
- Brunch with husband (Weds)

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