Sunday, June 4, 2017

The week in review, the week in view: Week ended 4 June 2017

This week was dominated by the prolonged illness of my 12 year old, who started with a heavy cold last weekend but, but Sunday night, had clearly progressed to a secondary infection in the throat. She was extremely ill, poor poppet - other than the doctor on Monday, to get prescribed her penicillin, she didn't leave the bedroom / bathroom again until Thursday, and even then, was couch-bound.

I worked at home every day except Tuesday to take care of her, when my husband worked at home as I had client site meetings to attend. It was quite challenging, especially on Monday when I also had a rather aggrieved 8 year old home from school on a curriculum day (she had been promised a "Mummy and kid day", which didn't really happen, although we did cuddle up on the couch with popcorn and watched Zootopia for a couple of hours while 12 year old slept).

My little bit of respite came on Wednesday night, when I took my eldest to her third inter-school debate for the year (it was great, she did wonderfully, and they won handily) and then came home to engage with the first meeting of my Online Book Club. It was fantastic - so enjoyable. I did pay for my huge day (work / caretaking / debate / OBC) on Thursday with a day-long stinker of a headache, but it was pretty much worth it.

The 12 year old has finally pulled up, and was able to get to both her extracurriculars this weekend (chess and ice skating), and we even managed a nice family lunch at Bopha Devi in Docklands today, taking advantage of the flawlessly beautiful day.

This weeks is around 3 days of work again, with one full day onsite to a client; all the usual suspects re extracurriculars; and I am optimistically hoping to take a half-day off on Friday to go see Wonder Woman with my husband, and then to spend the Sat-Sun of the long weekend at Continuum, the speculative fiction convention. I am prepared to be derailed on either or both of these, but it's important to have goals.

The term is marching on apace - it's only 2 weeks now until exam week for the eldest as well as grading assessments for jujitsu and skating, and a week after that, holidays start. Second term usually drags more than this for us, so I guess that's something to be grateful for. I am taking 10 days off - the last two days of the school term and the first week of the school hols - and I am looking forward to it, although not in the tongue-hanging-out-desperate way that I was coming up to the Easter break.

- 3 days billable work performed (1 day client site)
- Gymnastics - youngest (Weds), jujitsu - eldest (Fri), chess - middle (Sat), ice skating - middle (Sun)
- Interschool debate for eldest (Weds) - they won and eldest got Best Speaker!
- First Online Book Club meeting (Weds) - Discussing Steven Amsterdam's The Easy Way Out
- Wrote, and published here, two book review posts (The Easy Way Out and Hold), which gave me a lot of satisfaction
- Family lunch at Bopha Devi and walk at Docklands (Sun)

- 3 days work booked (1 day client site)
- Personal training
- Gymnastics - youngest (Weds), jujitsu - eldest (Fri), chess - middle (Sat), ice skating - middle (Sun)
- Hoping to get to see Wonder Woman on Friday with husband
- Continuum Speculative Fiction Convention (Sat-Sun)

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