Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday haiku on Love Your Bookshop Day (Private Month of Poetry)

I have to say, so far this Month of Poetry is working out well for me. I have only missed 3 days so far, but one of the non-poem days was actually not a non-poetry day - I spent yesterday with my poetry book editor working on the poems that will be part of the Women of Story collection.

Today I am pursuing my usual Saturday morming endevours with a poetic twist, which has given rise to this little frippery of a haiku set. Great art it ain't, but it does reflect my state of mind.

Saturday haiku on Love Your Bookshop Day

reading poetry
in a West hipster cafe
coffee hot and sweet

the words join the world
tangling in teacups and beards
woodsmoke in the lens

outside, the sun's up
despite the breathy winter
balloons in the sky

books are calling out
from the shop behind the fans
art that makes the world

(or, perhaps, instead:
makes the world tolerable -
speaking truth aloud).

how fortunate, I,
to be here, and whole, and free:
words leaking like love

- Kathy, 12/8/17

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