Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pointless-ish music thing that I saw and decided to do

I saw this somewhere about and I am deep into a thinky piece of work at the moment, which means listening to a LOT of music as I work (it helps me focus). So I thought, OK, why not.

The idea is to pick 1-3 songs that provide the soundtrack for each decade of your life so far. They don't have to be songs of that decade, or even songs that you liked at that time in your life (or now, I suppose). They don't have to be straightforward textual representations of what was going on in your life then, although they can be. They just are supposed to capture, I guess, your zeitgeist at each stage of your life. You are not supposed to explain or editorialise them in any way - just leave them on the page, so to speak, and let the story unfold itself.

(I really wish I could remember where I saw this, but it was during a middle-of-night insomnia distraction-via-Internet multi-rabbit-hole session, so I do not recall at all).

So anyway. In my cogitation break from my work ... The Soundtrack To My Life So Far.

My first decade of life: 1973 - 1983 (Birth to late primary school)

1. For Baby (John Denver)

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)

3. Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)

Second decade: 1983 - 1993 (High school and undergrad uni)

1. Losing My Religion (REM)

2. Stupid Girl (Garbage)

3. Galileo (Indigo Girls)

Third decade: 1993 - 2003 (Masters, early career and marriage)

1. Lucy (Nick Cave)

2. No One (Alicia Keys)

3. Doubled Up (Heather Nova)

Fourth decade: 2003 - 2013 (Primarily, motherhood)

1. Thank You (Dido)

2. Rise Up (Andra Day)

3. Forever Young (Joan Baez version)

Fifth (current) decade: 2013 - now (Life!)

1. Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

2. Washing of the Water (Peter Gabriel)

3. Hallelujah (Choir Choir Choir and Rufus Wainwright version)

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