Sunday, February 4, 2018

Feeling the press

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how busy first term was looking for me.

Since then, as events have further unfolded, I've realised that the extreme busyness actually runs all the way through til July.

As well as being fulltime-load booked for work, there will be:
- at least three, more likely four, interstate business trips;
- publishing and launching my first book (a poetry collection called She Said: Women of Story);
- two big kid birthday extravaganzas;
- the massive Japan trip (just under 4 weeks) and a probable week trip to Brisbane;
- several special events already locked and loaded;
- extended family commitments ramping up; and
- all the usual stuff of life with kids - school, house, extracurriculars etc.

On one level, I am excited for this. Almost all of the things are good things, including the work - the projects I have in train are all interesting and challenging in a good way, and I am lucky enough to be working with excellent people in each one.

There is another part of me, however, that is gut-clenchingly nervous about the prospect of no real sustained downtime for at least 5 months. (Obviously I will still manage a few afternoons off or Sunday naps, but I am talking about multiple days in a row free of commitments).

For this reason I am contemplating doing something I haven't done since leaving my last salaried job in June 2015 - scheduling a week off during termtime for me to have some relaxation and recovery time. At this stage, it looks like August might provide such an opportunity as all my projects will be in business as usual phase by then rather than high pressure deadline phase. (Of course this could change with time though).

I am going to try to pencil in a week in middish August for this purpose and will really do my best to stick to it. I think I will fully need it by then.

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