Thursday, December 20, 2018

Photo every day

I have started doing the "post a photo every day" thing on Insta over the past month. I quite like doing it - I am a big recorder of things, and this is giving me a daily prompt to record something from everyday life in an easy, straightforward way.

I created three collages of the first month of doing it, just for ease of reference. I thought I might post them here, on the basis that the more broadly they are distributed, the less chance one individual app will eat my record :-)

So here is 28 Days in My Life, in photos, without captions or explanations ... just for fun. I'll probably do a similar compilation every month. (For those who can count, yes, there is one less photo than there should be - this is because I posted a video one day instead of a still, and I can't embed that in a collage).

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