Monday, May 31, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Hot Lamb Week

It's getting colder here - winter is coming! My local butcher had a special on lamb this week so we're having that a couple of times. Three of these meals will provide leftovers (the roast, the stew and the shepherd's pie) which will help me out on the busy week I have coming up next week.

Monday - Red lentil dahl with stir-fried Chinese greens (adults); vegetable egg noodles (kids) (V)
We are quite committed to Meatless Monday here.

Tuesday - Roast lamb with roast vegetables and peas & corn
Warming winter roast.

Wednesday - Pasta with tomato-mushroom sauce (V)

We always have pasta on Wednesdays.

Thursday - Lamb & vegetable stew with rice

My family loves stew and they will eat many things in the context of a stew, risotto or soup that they are unlikely to love as stand-alone vegetables. This stew, along with the lamb, homemade stock, red wine and canned tomatoes, will contain fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, zucchinis, and turnips.

Friday - Beef lasagne (leftover portion from last week)
Leftovers are ideal for the tired end of the week!

Saturday - Roast vegetable frittata (served hot) with potato mash (V)
This frittata is yummy cold in the summer but in the winter it's just nicer to have it hot, with the rich flavours of the sweet potato, spinach, capsicum and cheese.

Sunday - Shepherd's pie with lamb mince
Who doesn't love a nice shep pie?

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