Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Party coming week

This Saturday coming up it's my middle daughter's 5th birthday fairy party. She's having 20 little girls here to a fairy celebration, themed in pink & purple (quel surprise) and I've taken a week of flex leave from my part-time job to enable me to focus on getting it all ready and all the food made. This is the first kid's party I've done at home for a couple of years, as we've been doing the playcentre thing, so I want it to be nice for her, and fun for all her friends!

There's quite a few things to do - none terribly onerous, most fun, but a few fiddly (eg as well as the usual fairy bread, home-made potato wedges, party pies & sausage rolls, and franks, Miss almost-5 wants me to make her pink meringues, tea sandwiches, iced pink cookies, pink frogs-in-a-fairyland-pond, and pink cupcakes for the party ... which I can do, but it takes time!)

My menu plan this week, therefore, is focused around familiar foods I can make easily and can set cooking while baking / preparing other things. As usual, I have made an effort to plan at least three vegetarian dishes, as we are trying to reduce our meat intake drastically this year.

Another thing to note - I thought I'd better as this is a brand-new blog and my Zucchinis in Bikinis readers may not follow here! - is that I am a Coeliac, so almost all my meals are fresh-prepared from scratch as packaged foods are problematic for me. It also is the reason why breads and pastry products don't feature greatly in my menu plans.

Monday - Spanish frittata (potato & red onion) with salad greens & corn on the cob (V)
My family likes frittata. It's not exactly a low-fat dish, being packed with cream and parmesan, but it's delicious. And easy! (In terms of who'll eat what, my 5-year-old won't eat the corn, and my almost-7-year-old probably will leave most of the salad. The 15-month-old will eat it all ;-)

Tuesday - Thai green vegetable curry (adults); egg& vegetable noodles (kids) (V)
Sometimes the husband and I like a bit more spice in our meal than the kids can tolerate!

Wednesday - Pasta with tomato-basil sauce (V)
We always have pasta on Wednesdays, as the girls have gymnastics after school and I need something quick, easy and palatable for them to eat.

Thursday - Roast chicken with roasted potatoes, carrots & sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli
Nothing like a traditional roast to warm you up!

Friday - Poached salmon with home-cut potato wedges and steamed Chinese greens (probably bok choy)
My kids like fish, especially salmon, barramundi, and trout. We often have fish on Fridays. I poach it with lemon & lime juice in foil parcels.

Saturday - Very little!
My darling girl's birthday party is from 2:30 to 5pm on this day and I cannot imagine any of us ending the day hungry.

Sunday - Beef burger patties with crispy potatoes, carrots & sweet potatoes, sauteed zucchini & squash
I will serve the family's meals in burger buns but mine without the bread.

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