Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Grown-ups week

This week is the second week of the winter term break here in Melbourne, and my big girls are being collected by their grandmother (my Mum) tomorrow after lunch to go to her house for a 2-day, 2-night holiday. They'll be back after dinner Wednesday night, and although I am really going to miss them a lot, the opportunity to cook adult-only food is one I am fairly excited about ;-)

Here it is, then:

Monday - Chilli con carne
Husband and I have always loved chilli and I have a great recipe for con carne, which I rarely get to use because the kids don't fancy it. I make it hot-hot-hot!

Tuesday - Oysters Kilpatrick; Pork loin chops in spicy plum sauce with Chinese greens
Yummy, oh so yummy...

Wednesday - Roast vegetable frittata with salad (V)
The kids will eat this (not the salad but the frittata) but we like it too, and it will make lunch leftovers.

Thursday - Chicken & garlic sausages with orange mash and steamed broccoli
Back to kid-friendly tonight, and husband is cooking, so bangers it is.

Friday - Pasta & tomato-basil sauce (V)
Our requisite pasta meal, transposed from its usual Wednesday night slot.

Saturday - Takeaway
Possibly, but not certainly, fish and chips.

Sunday - Roast chicken with roast & steamed vegetables
A roast before we return to termtime routine.

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  1. Grown up's week - how fun. Hope you have a great couple of days Kathy.