Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Play - A Ladies' Tea Party

This is a story, with pictures, about three girls, a Mum, a school holiday Thursday, and the fun of creating a high tea for teddies, neighbours and friends. The planning, cooking, and performing of this activity kept us busy from late morning until almost dinnertime, and it turned a potentially grey day into a magical one. (The words of this post are taken directly from the school holiday journal being kept by my almost-7-year-old. Reproduced with permission ;-)

On a cold, cold day in winter, we decided to host a high tea. We wrote invitations to our teddies and then we decided to invite the neighbour kids too. Then it was time to cook the food.

Mum preheated the oven and I got all the ingredients out, and my sister and I did the steps. First we made shortbread. We made it gluten free so Mum could eat it too. We sifted all the dry ingredients, I measured them and my sister helped sift them. It was fun rubbing the butter through the flour and Mum said we did it really well.

Then we cut out the shortbread into geometric shapes and also stars.
Mum put them into the oven and we got started on the scones.

Rubbing the butter and kneading the dough was good to do with them. We got sticky hands!

Mum said not to knead the dough too much or the scones would be hard. We cut them into circles with the circle cookie cutter.

Once they were in the oven we helped Mum clean up the kitchen and then my sister and I set the table all pretty with a rose silk tea cloth and our butterfly decorations and candles. Mummy said we could be real ladies and use her good china which was her wedding present from her aunties, so she got it down from the high cupboard. It is really beautiful.

Then we went to get dressed up. I wore a dress with green and purple flowers that was one of the bridesmaid dresses in my nanna's wedding. My sister wore her Snow White dress and clip earrings. We looked like beautiful ladies. We dressed the baby up too in a pink tutu.

Our neighbours came over and we all had a lovely tea party. We drank sweet milky tea from the teacups, well Mummy had hers black and with no sugar but she's funny like that. It was very funny because Mummy kept saying "May I serve you another cup, madam?" and that made the baby giggle a lot.

The scones were nice with jam and cream but the best was the shortbread, it was delicious and scrumptious.

This was my favourite thing we did this holidays.


  1. A beautiful tea party indeed. I love the addition of the china, very nice.

    I've had on my school holidays to-do list a dinner party with my girls. Where we all dress up fancy and have a fancy dinner - probably roast because I know the girls will eat that and they can help in the prep. You've inspired me to move it up to the top of the list :)

  2. Great story! It looks likes a very delicious afternoon tea, too.... YUM!

  3. We LOVE afternoon tea and hope to one day do one for ourselves. We have been to High Tea a few times with Princess and she goes every year with her "big" friend for her friend's birthday.

    Last week I bought the Women's Weekly Afternoon Tea cookbook and she told me that thos tome she wants to make afternoon tea for her friend instead :)

    Looks like your girls had a wonderful time and the table looks gorgeous :)

  4. that is so cute! especially love that they got to use the good china :)

  5. I loved tea parties when I was a girl. My son does love to drink his tea (just sweetened milk) with me -- maybe we could have a tea party, too!

  6. I love beautiful dishes. If I had a million dollars I would not spend it on shoes I would spend it on beautiful dishes. What a fun activity to do with your children. I did so enjoy looking at your beautiful dishes. Thanks :)

  7. Wow If my Scones looked as nice as yours I would have myself a little tea party right now!!
    Too bad I'm a terrible cook and have no china. ...
    Might have to take Miss 5 to "great grannys"
    house tomorrow.

  8. What a fantastic experience and a great story. We made scones this past weekend too.