Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Play - Pots & Pans

It's fun to play with pots and pans...

to arrange them into patterns ...

to cook a pretend banquet ...

to use chopsticks and wooden spoons as drum sticks to make music...

to be in the kitchen with Mum as the dinner simmers on the stove.


  1. My daughter has NEVER played with pots and pans. Maybe because they live near the oven and stove and I have put the fear of death in her about those things. Is that wrong? Is my child being denied? From the smile in that last photo I am thinking that, somehow, she is .... :)

  2. Like you, we have our saucepan drawer down low where little hands can reach it. I can never find a saucepan lid when I need it, but our house is full of "music"!

  3. A Kitchen Band! :)

    Used to be a favoured activity of my girls until all my wooden spoons got broken during kitchen band practice. ROFL

  4. Our favourite song would have to be 'Singing in the Kitchen,' usually accompanied by a variety of kitchen band instruments. Simple fun is the best fun :)