Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reality blogging: My desk

Bec over at Bad Mummy has started a new Wednesday meme, aimed at showing the reality behind the keyboard - something not selected carefully, something not prettied up for the camera / text, something kind of messy and real that characterises life.

With such a palette, I was almost overwhelmed with the sheer number of things I could have chosen (!) My house is messy and cluttered, and so are lots of aspects of my life. What better way to start, though, than with...

my desk. Where all the magic (HAHAHA) happens ;-)

We have a long desk with two computer stations that my husband and I share. It's located in an open area of the house, as we don't have enough rooms to have a dedicated study. And, as you see, it tends to be a dumping ground for every miscellaneous item that finds its way into the house.

Right now, it holds a big pile of papers / letters, my work notebook, the girls' current novels, storybooks, DVDs that no-one has put away, 2 empty tea cups, the camera, toys awaiting repair by Daddy, a jumble of cords, three plastic drawer sets that are supposed to manage the clutter, photos, hair ties, hairbrushes, pens & pencils, toothbrushes for some bizarre reason, my mobile phone, the landline phone, my husband's screwdriver set, CDs, the two monitors, speakers, and weird little things like an empty syringe (from the kids' doctor set), one earring, a handful of coins, a remote control for a video player that we gave away 4 years ago, and some flat batteries.

Yep, that's reality!


  1. My desk is in similar shape. I had an english teacher once tell me that she'd be very concerned if our desks at home were spotless, because it would mean that we weren't being creative. I cling to that sentiment.

  2. If I had a desk it'd look like that (I use my laptop in the loungeroom...on an old chopping board lol)

  3. Looks EXTREMELY similar to mine.
    I constantly lose stuff on my desk.

  4. A tidy desk usually means a broken computer, yes?