Friday, March 25, 2011

Expensive tastes

C, aged 25 months: I wanna snack, peese, Mummy!

Me: OK sweetheart. What would you like?

C: Fwoot! An' cheese an' cwackers!

Me: OK ... (Begins segmenting a mandarin and grabs sliced cheese from the fridge)

C, indignantly: NO, Mummy! Banananana!

Me: Alright, alright (muttering about $10.99 / kilo fruit and solid-gold food)

C, munching on banana, sees the sliced cheese: NO! The white cheese! I wan' the WHITE cheese! (By which she means my extremely pricey King Island Double Brie that I foolishly gave her a smidgeon of to try).

Me, sighing: OK ... (There goes *my* post-dinner indulgence!)

C, all smiles: Thank you, my Mummy! (Big kisses follow)

Me: You're welcome, poppet. What shall we have for dinner tonight, huh?

C, firmly: Sammon! (Atlantic salmon fillets, very delicious, very $$ - the family eats about $25 worth in a meal).

As I'm considering, she adds: An' choccat cweam! (My home-made chocolate mousse, which uses rather a lot of very expensive dark chocolate)

She likes the high life, does C.

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  1. She sounds like a child I could happily eat dinner with! Mine like the expensive stuff too. *sigh*