Monday, March 21, 2011

This and that

Monday, Monday ...

I have a stubbornly red, itchy and weeping eye. I thought it was just allergies but now I'm wondering, as it's not terribly responsive to eye drops and has been going on for a few days. I don't think I've ever had pink-eye before but I'm a bit suss that this is it. Botheration.

Toddler has decided that she wants to wee "onna toy-yet" like her sisters, rather than on her potty. On one level this is great, as it means less porting around of potties and so forth. It also means that, with her tiny 25-month-old bum, she needs to be held every time, so goodbye independent toileting for a while. Swings and roundabouts.

It'll be hubs' birthday on Wednesday. I'm trying to decide what to cook for dinner that night that will be a treat for him, but also eaten by the kids, as I don't favour making two separate meals if at all avoidable. Given that his taste runs to seafood, I may see if I can get some nice barramundi or salmon. Maybe some pickled octopus for him for an appetizer. (Pre-kids, we always went out for birthday dinners, but these days it's sooooo much easier to eat in. Not to mention cheaper!)

The kids have a few favourite jokes at the moment. Check out these gems:

Q: What do you call a big ant?

Q: Why was the sand wet?
A: Because the sea wee-ed!

Q: What do you call two robbers?
A: A pair of knickers!

A man and a giraffe walk into a bar. The giraffe is tired so he lies down on the floor. The bartender says, "What's that lyin' on the floor?"
The man says: "It's not a lion, it's a giraffe!"

Boom-tish ;-)

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