Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Play - Easter bonnets

Back after a hiatus - during which we have been playing, but I have not been taking many photos! - here is this week's We Play from us. The big girls have been making Easter bonnets for the school Hat Parade this Wednesday coming.

They decided they wanted to decorate hats at home, so we trekked off to the $2 shop to buy some hard plastic hats for the base. Then the girls just had fun with our assortment of whatnots from the craft cupboard - cotton wool, glitter pens, textas, sparkles, stickers, and ribbons.

Great fun was had by all!

This post is part of the weekly We Play meme at the wonderful Childhood 101. Check out the main page over there for lots of fantastic play ideas.


  1. I'm getting into the Easter spirit now...

  2. I think Easter Hat Parade making has to be the best part of the Easter holiday :)