Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Play - S Day

Belatedly (thanks to an Internet outage that lasted 40 long hours) here is our contribution to this week's We Play - our "S" Day.

Last September school holidays, we decided to refine our long-standing pyjama day tradition into a letter-themed day full of activities and food related, however tangentially, to one letter of the alphabet. Naturally, we started with P for Pyjamas, and had a great time with it.

Picking up the same idea for the first weekday of this term 1 break, we spent Monday this week having ... "S" day. Monday coincided with my worst day with a heavy cold / throat infection and husband working at home to enable me to get to the doctors and (theoretically) rest, so it had the potential to be a fairly challenging day, and in many ways it was; but following our "S" day plan kept things mostly in the positive despite the challenges, and the girls really loved it.

My 7 and 5 year olds mostly wrote the following poem about our day. OK, so it won't win any awards for style - no budding Sylvia Plaths as yet! - but it captures the spirit of it all quite nicely ;-)

S is for sleepwear, in which we stayed all day;

S is for snakes and snails, fun craft games to play;

S is for soup and sushi, and smoked salmon too;

S is for our favourite TV show, that is Scooby Doo.

S is for sorting socks, a job we did for Mum;

S is for sick Mummy, with sore throat and head and tum;

S is for scooting, all along the street;

S is for stories with Daddy, that is very sweet.

This post is part of the weekly We Play meme at the wonderful Childhood 101. Check out the main page over there for lots of fantastic play ideas.

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  1. Love this!! Great poem, and we will be having a letter day next week I think. Clever and fun!