Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Selections: Birthday week

This has been a week of birthday celebrations for my little Miss C. Cards arriving in the mail every day, cupcakes and pancakes at playgroup, an ice-cream cake at creche, making Dorothy the Dinosaur cake for her big party, and, of course, the party itself (held yesterday).

C has had a magical week, heavy on sugar and excitement and friends and fun (admittedly, low on downtime and sleep for me, but I can catch up this week :-) I think the visits of friends and family and the making of food were probably her favourite parts; she helped make much of the spread, stirring, cracking eggs, adding ingredients, and decorating away.

Yesterday, at her party, we had a cupcake decorating table for the kids, held an egg and spoon race and played Pass the Parcel (compiled entirely by the big kids, as were the party bags - something that saved me a great deal of time and effort). Despite the 38 degree heat, a good time was had by all, and the birthday girl in particular was happy (which is, after all, the main thing).

Kim at frogpondsrock holds Sunday Selections photography meme each week. There's always some good links to follow!


  1. I love the excitement on her face in that first photo.

  2. That looks like an incredible week and a very happy girl. And I am super impressed by the Dorothy cake.

  3. Congratulations! She does look very happy. Love the cake. I wonder... does one's poo turn blue after eating those cakes? ;-)