Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Selections: My babies

Here are my three babies on the days of their respective birth.

I didn't take these photos - their Dad did, as post-caesarian, I wasn't moving about much and certainly wasn't pointing the lens at anyone. But I love all these shots of my three snuggle bunnies.

There are other, rawer, shots that I've been looking through in the past weeks, in preparation for putting together a photobook for each of the big kids as a birthday present this year (a "your life birth to 5" kind of thing). Photos with umbilical cords and blood and vernix and screwed up eyes and open, wailing mouths. Photos with tears and smiles and exhausted, shell-shocked parents. Photos with boobs and breastfeeding and scars.

All those photos are true, too, and part of the story of their birth day; but when I think about those three days, it's the moments captured here, the serene, inscrutable little faces just visible in their bundles, the soft, sighing breathing of their first, deep, sleeps in two cases, and the calm, old-soul gaze of my baby that didn't sleep at all except while feeding for over 48 hours, that I remember the most.

Three moments when I feel in love.

(The photos aren't in age order, so for any readers who know my family personally, feel free to take a stab at which one is A, which one E, and which one C :-)

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  1. Okay I am going to go with C top left, E top right and A bottom.
    Nice reflection and a beautiful idea for your children's birthdays.

  2. Swap A & C around?

  3. Just beautiful. Love those little baby mouths and noses.

  4. Replies
    1. Beautiful photos!

      Nothing more precious than a photo of a brand new baby (even the ones with blood and vernix all over them!)


  5. They are adorable...Great idea to do a book for each child..that is on my "list"of things to do too!!