Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Selections: Tiptoe through the tulips

More blasts from the past - these photos were taken when we took the two older girls to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival (held in October each year at Tesselaar Tulip Farm in Silvan, in Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges). We went two years in a row, and really enjoyed the various activities that were running, from live music to a craft market to horse & carriage rides.

We haven't been to see the tulips since the year I was pregnant with C - that'll be 4 years ago this October. Looking back at these shots and remembering the fun we had, I think we might do it again this year. We're not going away in the October school break this year so this would be a fun day trip to do instead.

Kim at frogpondsrock runs Sunday Selections each week, a photography meme for people to show off shots that might otherwise never see the light of day. There's always good links to follow if you like beautiful photos!


  1. I have never made it to the festival, even though I have spent half my life living about 30 minutes away. Perhaps this is the year I finally make it.

    Love the second one with the cheeky grin :)

    1. We should plan to go at the same time! Maybe do a blog meet up there :-)

  2. Oh wow. Tesselars is one of the companies that sends me garden porn (catalogues). I always succumb too.

  3. Beautiful - I love tulips...Such a cute shot with the little one surrounded!!

  4. There is a tulip festival at the botanical gardens here. The last time I went V was small. Mum loved tulips. I cant grow them here because the wallabies also love them but I keep on trying. Thank you for the memories your lovely photos gave me.

  5. My oldest went to the tulip festival about 4 years ago and still raves about how much fun she had an how beautiful the flowers were.

    I adore that last shot, such a cheeky happy smile.