Thursday, June 7, 2012

Change of pace, routine, rhythm, or something like that

So this is more a housekeeping post than anything else. BOR-ING! Or maybe not. You be the judge.

I found out today that I have picked up a large contract work project which is going to keep me very busy - close to fulltime-busy - over the coming 3-4 months. It will kick off on Monday.

This is good in most ways and I think I've worked out how it's going to happen logistically (to wit - a second day per week at creche for C, husband cashing in some leave to take a day per fortnight off, taking time off from volunteering roles, and strictly limited weekend social life / evenings out). It's a really interesting project, so I think it'll be worthwhile and it is, after all, a limited time. It is also a good chance for us to road-test how we would go if I were to return to steady employment next year, which is something I'm considering. I'm lucky in that this project will be mostly home-based - I'll only be onsite a half-day per week, on average - so that gives me a lot more play with how I organise the time.

One thing I've had to think about, though, is the blog, and how I manage it during this busy period. I thought briefly of taking a blogging break but decided, nah, don't want to. However, I do have to be realistic about things - I can't give the blog endless attention while balancing the work.

So I had a look at what I've got in draft and jotted down a few ideas for posts that are mostly written in my head, and when I went over the list, I found that most things could be loosely classified as:
- book reviews / poems / reading or writing related
- gluten free / cooking posts
- children's conversation type posts
- opinion pieces, mostly feminist / women's issues ones

This seems to me to impose a sort of loose structure on things, which will help me to manage things mentally. (The busier I am, the more I crave structure and order, I find).

Thus, starting from next week, I'm going to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - gluten free /cooking or children's conversation on Tuesdays, book reviews / poems / reading/writing-related posts (Reading Notes) on Thursdays, and opinion pieces (aka rants :-) on Fridays (I'm thinking of labelling this one Soapbox Fridays, but we'll see). Any week that I get the energy and have photos to share, I'll link up with Kim at frogpondsrock for Sunday Selections as well.

Also, as part of this, I would be very open to any offers of guest posts. They do not have to be about books, food or ranty things, either - anything you like! I do not have a vast readership here but it is not infinitesimal either (I will share stats on gmail if you want to know) and I welcome other voices.

Hopefully this'll be fun - maybe I'll get to like my structure so much that I never go back to blogging by whim again :-) Time will tell.


  1. Good luck with the new project and routine.

  2. Congratulations on the work Kathy. I love how you have planned out your posts! I couldn't survive if I didn't plan mine. Best of luck with it too. Nic