Sunday, June 24, 2012

Too busy to blog, so have some musical stylings instead!

I've been listening to some old and new favourites while I work my rear end off over the past fortnight.

Like this one:

Possibly the most perfectly beautiful song ever about sex, love, redemption and the irresistible thirst for connection that powers so much of human life.

Or this one, which is so, so earwormish:

This one lifts my tempo and my mood instantly:

And this one, for when I'm stuck and need a kick in the bum to get moving:

And this one. Whoever would've expected such a soulful version of a wonderful song from someone generally so funny.

Of course, speaking of the aforementioned artist, you can't go past zombie office workers for a bit of nihilistic escapism:

Working is much better fun with a soundtrack :-)

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