Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Card (Poem)

to those who are awakened before dawn by thrilling, trilling children,
those who woke with the sun to journey, there and back again,
and those who stretch out, like cats in the sun, in long morning sleep;

to those who saved and shopped strategically to have things to wrap, to give,
those whose difficulty was finding a gap in the over-abundance for a gift to fit;
and those for whom giving is only of the heart, with no coins to spare.

to those who will delight in a golden cacophony of love in top gear,
those for whom love is complicated, and this day more dread than delight;
and those who will pass it alone or nearly so, accompanied only by screen people.

to those who will eat the time-honoured feast, and eat too much,
those who will eat creatively, making traditions new with prawns and beets;
and those who may not eat at all, unless the kindness of strangers extends a hand.

to those who remember the birth of a probable child in a possible stable,
those whose attachment is sentimental, to a red-coated man and candy canes
and those who remember the Solsticing sun and celebrate its rebirth.

to all of these.

may there be sweetness here,
gentleness, a little rest
maybe peace. that would be nice.
joy to the world, and peace to all who walk her
a wistful, naive, hopeful seasonal wish
to you all
every one.

- Kathy, 25/12/12

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