Saturday, December 22, 2012

First day of the holidays: A post in pictures

8:15am: Watching cartoons.

9:45am: Making paper chains for the Christmas tree.

10:30am: Hanging laundry.

11:15am: Reading to Miss 7.

12:30pm: Kids - outdoor play. Me - sipping tea on the outdoor chair :-)

1:45pm: Last minute gift shopping with Miss 9.

2:35pm: Bubbles in the backyard!

3:20pm: Afternoon treat - raspberries, blueberries & strawberries with cream and a spoonful of nutella.

4pm: Kids scooting and bike riding on the street, while hubs and I chat to neighbours as they garden in their yards.

5:15pm: Watching a little Curious George as I read on my tablet.

6:10pm: Roast chook and veg for dinner!

7:30pm: Starting work on a new short story, while the kids dance to bluegrass music.

8:45pm: Off on our Christmas lights and decorated houses run!

9:25pm: The pride of the fleet, locally - the best house in the suburb for lights.

Now it's 10:40 and everyone but me and hubs is soundly asleep ... and I intend to correct that for myself very shortly indeed!

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