Thursday, March 7, 2013

15 years (A haiku)

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary, so I thought I would like to mark it in poetry. And as I am currently in love with haiku - have been reading much and writing some too - here is a multi-verse haiku to recognise a milestone day.

autumn, we stood tall
straight-backed and clear-eyed, and said
we would walk in step.

flowers intruded,
a lone wasp caught in the veil
quickly brushed away.

the days grew shorter
cold nights came, hard-breathing time
autumn fire turned low.

embers of summer
held close, warmed our hands and kept
winter lights shining soft.

with mercy, we walked it
a leaven of kindness, yes,
bread to the hungry.

two, not one, we stand
fingers touching, a small link
blooms releasing scent.

through pains and joys, we
put one foot before the next
walking together.

we have seen birth, death,
all that lies quiet between,
and all that shouts out.

each line on a face
a tale, shared, in memory
a filament grown.

each spring remaking
the heart gift of the autumn
the choice to walk joined.

- Kathy, 7/03/13

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