Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In autumn, for which I greatly yearned (A haiku)

autumn comes gently
a blessing for which I longed,
frost in the morning.

clear air and soft sky
blue days, grey days, and yellow
ripe-tinted palette.

lime trees bear fat fruit,
dresses float on lines, greedy
for modest noon sun.

farewelling summer
we soak our bones in sleep, born
cool, sweet and dreamless.

each day, evening
comes a little sooner, light
dimpling deep purple.

winter edges up
hinted in stormclouds, in wind
with ice in fingers.

a pause, this, between
neon summer and the cold
of silent July.

a time to bake cakes,
eat stone fruit, drink tea and smile
suspended mid-fall.

each time it comes, we
welcome it, open-armed, this
littlest of deaths.

each, forecasting gold
and the end of gold as well
last exhalations.

the year ages, while
we breathe in, out, each tendril
mingling us with stars.

- Kathy, 26/3/13


  1. what a beautiful poem!! I love the like a time to bake cakes, eat stone fruits, drink tea and smile..

    I am currently munching on an adriano zumbo macaron and smiling. :)

  2. I love haikus!

    You have so inspire me. Note to self...write a haiku one day for a blog post :)


    1. Haiku is my favourite and best ATM. I write lots of poetry but this is the form that has snagged my heart right now.

  3. Beautiful, I love this! I can't wait for a real autumn day, Sydney just does not want to let summer go it seems!
    #teamIBOT was here!

  4. I love this, it's so beautiful! I wish we would hurry up and get some real autumn winter, Sydney just seems to want to hang on to summer as long as possible.

    #teamIBOT was here!

  5. This makes me wish we had autumn in Darwin, but we don't :(
    I just can't wait for the dry season up here