Monday, January 20, 2014

Month of Poetry #20: For A

six hours on the road to
go between here and there and anotherwhere
neck muscles scream their protest, while
the youngest sleeps in her seat -

all to see the oldest (and many ways the dearest) of friends
to eat chocolate in the sun, and watch
as our gene-bearers perform their childhood in perfect ballet
as if they’ve practised it forever
her blonde babes, my green-eyed girls -

catching her eye, I see
my friend, as I, scenting ghosts
as her son, her mirror, throws an arm around the child of mine
who most resembles me

whiling away sunshine hours in talk, salving the hurts
that life has brought us both. applying the remedy
that only those who know you -

really know you -


- Kathy, 20/1/14

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