Sunday, January 5, 2014

Month of Poetry #5: Turkish Delight

Continuing on my Narnia-inspired run, this one's for Edmund ... 

her sled spun of ice-lace, her arms
white white white
but warm, even so
the snow is falling

I know I should not


powdered sugar on my tongue
altering my brain chemistry
firing me with longing -

it's not really my doing. witched candy
wraps its sticky tendrils around my heart

third children, second sons
are born to be sidelined

but she




even though I knew it was poison
even then

powdered sugar on my lips
the secrets dropping from my mouth like crystals

secrets for delight. it seems a fair exchange, for a while,
even though I could taste the underbite of sour all along

but I wanted it, I wanted it
I want -

- Kathy, 5/1/14

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