Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy (Poem)

a dish of green things,
a weekend away,
sun, and the laughter of children.

calf muscles on fire from a circular climb,
a beach in summer,
the shade of pine trees.

boats at anchor on a lazy sea,
red ruby winking on my neck,
sixteen years wed, and still kisses to give.

stalking the dying sun,
ringing the change with pacing in cool air,
the youngest trotting alongside.

Oscar Wilde and tears at breakfast,
Percy Jackson and thrills for bedtime,
a family blissfully lost in the vast empires behind each cover.

the warmth of being loved,
the privilege of plenty,
the incalculable gift of safety.

many pinpricks pierce the velvet,
existential angst cannot suffocate
the triumphant stars.

- Kathy, 10/3/14

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