Friday, August 8, 2014

11 (poem)

The door to the world lies open, child,
See the seas shining there?
Beyond lie mountains, valleys, wild
And sly things in their lair.

The things you will know and the things you will find
No one can truthfully say.
Your life is spun silk only you can wind
And make of it what you may.

What lies through the door is a venture most grand
A saga to write in the sky.
Most things will turn out not quite as you planned,
But when you think 'run' ... you might fly.

The door to the world lies open, love,
As you stand in the limen and wait
There won't be a signal, no crying flood-dove
To tell you to step into fate.

There isn't a compass, a book or a guide
All there is, now and always, is you
And nowhere in the whole teeming world, far and wide
Could there be a person more true.

The door to the world lies open, yes,
And walk through it you certainly will.
And I hope in the noise and the fight and the mess
You'll find a small space to be still.

- Kathy, 8/8/14

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