Friday, August 1, 2014

On the imagined life

wanting things you should not want is sinful
wasting time in idle fantasising
thinking thoughts with no object and no purpose

every minute spent woolgathering is a minute less for productive work
every second spent not fully present with your kin is a second you have cheated them
every small frivolity that has no greater point is a distraction

so says the weight of two hundred years of Puritan ancestors, as I
slide out from under

and unfocus my eyes in scattered dream

and defiantly want all the things I want, especially the things I should not
live potent and powerful inside my head, and
wander every bridle path that presents itself to my imagination

because there is no freedom, none,
no richness of being or light in the bewilderment of a dark universe
unless it is born inside
unless it is sparked to life there and nurtured
a small, gentle flame
a shout of I to the gathering night

I, the dreamer
who dreams my life
and so, brings it birth.

- Kathy, 1/8/14

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