Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A small light (Christmas card in a poem)

in my hands a small light, stuttering.

it is a small light, a tiny warmth
flame an amber quotation mark on a blackened wick.

it is a small light, but it is not fragile;
it has survived cataclysms, and it is not afraid.

it is a small light, and it does not say
that it can take all the darkness of the world away.

it is a small light, but it makes promises
it whispers of bijoux joys, within its small and flickering queendom

it is a small light. I don't have a brighter one, or stronger;
but such as it is, this small light -

take it. take it in the spirit it's offered
the moment is all. this light

this small light
this hand-cupped star

a gift, to touch and hold and warm
to remember and to fire delight

this very small golden light
holding all my imperfect heart.

- Kathy,

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