Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Twelve Days of Christmas

It's been a year, a long year, a challenging year, a hell of a year in so many ways. Right now, I haven't much energy for writing here - whatever limited reserves I do have are being funnelled into seasonal prep and commitments, work, and parenting. I am learning to manage my health problems, and slowly, slowly, ohhowveryslowly, I am climbing out of the bottom of the killing jar. (There's still a long and slippery road to go, though).

As December slams into me, I am just taking every day as it comes and doing my best, but with every day behind me I am longing more intensely for Christmas Eve. Because I am working up til then, and we have parties and Christmas commitments that involve me doing stuff and preparing food and gift things, I don't feel I can really relax before that, not properly. No, that won't come til I eat the customary Christmas cookies with my colleagues at lunchtime on the 24th before we all decamp for the 12-day shutdown period, the best break of the year because you know nothing's piling up while you're gone (everyone's gone!)

But once I leave my office around noon on Christmas Eve, ahhhhh, then.

Christmas carols with the kids and Christmas morning delight.
Christmas Day at my parents, being spoiled like a little girl again.
Boxing Day movies with husband and friends.
Beach and BBQs and sun and afternoons at the park.
Taking the kids to the movies and the pool and the lake.
Reading, writing, sleeping, being.

I'll be back at work from 5 January, but this is going to be MY 12 days of Christmas, my peace-on-earth-goodwill-to-all-women, the gift that my true love(s) will give to me - 12 days with my family and no need to rush or run or do, just time to be.

I cannot wait.

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